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Autoimmune Thyroid Disease and AIP

Autoimmune Thyroid Disease is the most common cause of thyroid dysfunction in Australia, affecting around 10-15% of the population. The Autoimmune Protocol (AIP) is used to identify dietary triggers, reduce inflammation, and improve thyroid symptoms.
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Inflammatory Bowel Disease and AIP

The Autoimmune Protocol has been shown to be an effective adjunct to medical treatment of Inflammatory Bowel Disease. While autoimmune diseases such as UC and Crohn's cannot be cured; the right diet and lifestyle management can help to improve symptoms, reduce the severity of IBD flares and maintain longer periods of remission.
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Reducing Inflammation In Autoimmune Disease

Inflammation can be both the cause of a health condition or else it may be a symptom, but either way, reducing inflammation is crucial to managing and overcoming chronic illness.
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Healing Autoimmune Disease Naturally

The Autoimmune Protocol (AIP) is a comprehensive program which focuses on diet and lifestyle factors known to be important modulators of immune function. Healing is supported by the removal of inflammatory stimuli to reduce the chronic inflammation that causes tissue damage.
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