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Personal Nutrition Consulting

Expert advice, reliable support and a proven path to success.

Nutrition guidance and motivation that keeps you eating well and feeling well for the long term

You want to increase energy, enhance mood, improve digestion, prevent or manage health concerns or just find a balanced way to eat that suits your busy lifestyle. But which ‘healthy eating rules’ should you follow and how can you stick to the changes you make when left to your own devices?

Even with the best intentions, changing habits isn’t easy. You need to know what to eat and how to eat, and understanding ‘why’ is the cherry on top. So, when every ‘body’ is different and our relationship with food is so complex, it’s no wonder we struggle to sustain healthy choices with a one-size-fits-all diet plan and no-one to keep us accountable.

At The Nutrition Factor, we treat every client as a unique individual, ensuring we know as much as possible about the way your body and mind work. Then we develop a holistic plan to correct nutritional deficiencies, reduce symptoms and address the root cause of your health issues. Our unique approach provides the motivation you need to put this new learning into practice at home and at work, ensuring you get the most out of life.

We help you make lifestyle changes that last

We can all enjoy the benefits of better nutrition

We each have our own unique biochemistry, tastes and habits, and that’s why healthy eating looks different for everyone. But there are universal benefits to eating better:

Nutrition for Stress and Anxiety Management

Less pain and inflammation

Improved mental clarity

immune system

sleep patterns

Reduced food

Improved metabolism

A sustainable 
healthy weight


Reduced cholesterol and blood pressure

Prevention of chronic diseases

A healthier life!

What you can expect from your personal nutrition consultations

Using a range of tools to assess and identify your health status and nutritional imbalances, Vicky seeks to understand how these contribute to your symptoms and wellbeing before crafting a health plan to address them.

Currently I am practicing exclusively online and am not able to offer anthropometric analysis. However, you can expect your first 60 minute consultation to include:

Ready to commit mentally, physically and emotionally to improving your health and wellbeing?