Health & Wellness Packages

Packages are the best way to work together as you dedicate time to delve deeply into your health issues. They are also more cost effective than individual appointments.

Discover the many benefits of our Health & Wellness Packages

The great thing about choosing a package is that we work together for a period of 3 or 6 months. This enables us to deep dive into your health concerns unpack what is going on, physically and emotionally. Discovering the root cause of your symptoms is key to starting to re-build your health.


3 month package

This program is good for you if you have one autoimmune condition or health issue.

We delve deeper into your specific issues and improve your health by addressing diet and lifestyle.

The Wellness Program includes:


6 month package

This program is the best choice if you have more than one autoimmune condition and are feeling frustrated by your lack of progress and ongoing symptoms. We use the Autoimmune Protocol to reset your immune system, reduce your debilitating symptoms and improve your quality of life.

The Autoimmune Reset includes:

Why working in a package will deliver the best results?

Our packages provide consistency and build traction, from symptom management and flare up support to truly getting to the root cause of your ongoing health struggles. This is KEY to begin to understand and rebuild your health. Knowledge is power after all!

Regular sessions allow us to dive deep into WHAT is causing your health issues, WHY you’re experiencing them and HOW to manage them moving forward.

By choosing one of our package options, you’ll receive priority bookings in our calendar and unlimited email support in between consults.

We are committed to support, motivate, and educate you throughout your journey. You’ll never feel alone during a flare up or confused about what you’re doing.

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