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Evidence-based nutrition services that support your people to achieve better health.

Helping you develop a holistic wellness approach to your workplace

Imagine what it would mean to your employees if you could help them feel better with more energy and less stress. On a personal and professional level, the benefits would be remarkable.

Making nutrition advice conveniently available to your staff is an important step towards creating a culture where your workforce can thrive – and a thriving workforce is the lifeblood of any business. When companies invest in happier, healthier, more productive people, everybody wins.

The Nutrition Factor presents eye-opening corporate wellness workshops that equip your staff with the knowledge, tools and inspiration to improve their health. We show them that wellness is a learnable skill and that the simple act of recognising opportunities for even small behaviour changes can mean a huge leap on the wellness path.

Customised workshops are fun and interactive, helping to build understanding and skills that make a lasting impact on the physical, mental, emotional and social wellbeing of your people. Participants learn why food and lifestyle choices directly affect the way they feel and how to set and achieve realistic health goals. Moving forward, they can access ongoing guidance with one-on-one nutrition consultations at work or in the Brighton clinic.

Corporate wellness and nutrition support makes good business sense

Even small adjustments can make a measurable difference to employees’ physical and mental wellbeing.

Increases motivation and morale

Improves capability and productivity

Reduces sick days and attrition rates

Helps a high risk group avoid chronic diseases

Unites a workforce towards better health

Nutrition, health and wellbeing seminar topics

Empower your employees with dynamic nutrition presentations that cut to the chase.

Full of accessible and actionable information, workshops are specifically designed to make a real impact on the corporate audience and deepen their understanding of how diet and lifestyle connect directly with health.

Sessions expose the facts behind the fads and introduce strategies for achievable goal-setting, quick wins and easy healthy eating habits with opportunities for questions and discussion.

Our most popular presentations are below, but topics, scope and duration can be customised to focus on the issues your employees are interested in.

Nutrition for Stress and Anxiety Management

Easy meals for busy people

Achieving healthy weight loss

Managing chronic conditions

Men’s health

Women’s health

Heart health

Digestive health

Boost your immune system, mood and energy levels

Food fads debunked

Blood sugar management and how to cut the cravings

Improving memory and brain power

Convenient 1:1 in office nutrition clinics

We all know there’s no one-size-fits-all approach when it comes to wellness and nutrition. That’s why we provide in office nutrition clinics for confidential one-on-one sessions with your employees. Given the time, space, tools and information, they can access workable solutions to their wellbeing challenges and we’ll keep them accountable and on track to meet their goals.

What your staff members can expect from private nutrition coaching
  • Discussion of health concerns, dietary patterns, eating behaviours and lifestyle habits
  • Assessment of each body system, medical history, family history and any pathology results
  • A baseline measurement and report of weight and body composition via bio impedance technology
  • A personalised short-term and long-term wellness plan based on realistic goals, clear direction and sustainable strategies
  • Easy and delicious 7-day sample menu plans
  • A supplement program (if necessary)
  • Follow-up appointments are based on individuals’ needs. Typically, clients will see a practitioner intermittently for 3 to 6 months for progress assessments and wellness plan adaptation as required

Ready to support staff health and wellbeing at an organisation or individual level?